Day 154

Day 154 – August 8 – 12.2 miles* – Mizpah Spring Campground to Stealth camp near Madison Elevation Change: 9643 feet _________________________________________ Over the last few days, Stoat and I had been looking at the map of the AT in the Whites.  Particularly the Presidential Range.  I had noticed something peculiar about that section of […]

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Day 153

Day 153 – August 7 – 6.4 miles – Crawford Notch to Mizpah Spring Campground Elevation Change: 4019 feet After eating breakfast at the hotel, we hit the road.  The plan was to walk through town with our thumbs out, and hopefully someone would pick us up. After only a few minutes, the four of […]

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Day 152

Day 152 – August 6 Everyone woke up early in the morning in anticipation of getting back on trail.  While Zeus and Flashfire went over to the gas station next door to get breakfast,  I decided to check the weather forecast for the Presidential Range. It said as follows: Winds- Steady wind between 60 to […]

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Day 151

Day 151 – August 5  – 0 miles  – North Conway Elevation Change: 0 feet It was nice not to have anything on the schedule.  We did all our chores yesterday, so the entire day we could devote to relaxation. Over the last several weeks we had developed the Hiker Shuffle.  On the trail, that […]

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Day 150

Day 150 – August 4  – 2.9 miles  – Ethan Pond Campsite to Crawford Notch Elevation Change: 986 feet Stoat and I made quick work of the 2.9 miles we had to hike to get to the road.   Just before getting to the road, we met up with Zeus and Flashfire.  They had found […]

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Day 149

Day 149 – August 3  – 14.5 miles  – Garfield Ridge Campsite to Ethan Pond Campsite Elevation Change: 7162 The morning began with a steep descent down to the Galehead Hut. During the descent we had several beautiful views into the valley below. When we got to the Galehead Hut, we could smell freshly made […]

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Day 148

Day 148 – August 2  – 10.8 miles  –  Whitehouse Brook Stealth Camp to Garfield Ridge Campsite Elevation Change: 8261 In the morning we descended down into the Fanconia Notch, passed under a road, and began our climb up to the Fanconia Ridge.  The climb, gaining 2828 feet in 2.8 miles, was another steep one. […]

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Day 147

Day 147 – August 1  – 15.8 miles  –  Kinsman Notch to Whitehouse Brook Stealth Camp Elevation Change: 9551 feet In the morning, Zeus made pancakes for the Tramily.  A very delicious surprise. Bookie gave us a ride back to the trail head and we got back on trail. The trail climbed steeply out of […]

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Day 146

Day 146 – July 31 – 8.4miles – Jeffers Shelter to Kinsman Notch Elevation Change: 6660 feet We had basically camped at the base of Mount Moosilauke, so as soon as we left the shelter, the trail started to head upwards.  From the shelter we would climb 3117 feet in 3.6 miles, to get to the […]

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Day 145

Day 145 – July 30 – 16.5 miles – North Jacob Brook Stealth Camp to Jeffers Brook Shelter Elevation Change: 7950 feet Today was the “easy” day in between two harder days. The day started off with a 1000 foot climb up to the south peak of Cube mountain.  It was a perfect day for […]

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