I still have a few more posts that will be out soon.  In the meantime, I’ve added this index to help navigate the website.  Just click the links below to get where you want to go.  (It’s easier than scrolling down forever) Also,  at the very bottom of each post there is a link to […]

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Day 182: Part 2

Day 182 – September 5 – 4.4 miles* (in part 2) –  Mount Katahdin to ABOL Campground Elevation Change: 3957 Over the least several posts I described how divided I felt about finishing the AT.  The thoughts, “Yes!  We will be Thru Hikers!”, and “No! I don’t want it to end”, simultaneously running through my […]

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Day 182: Part 1

Day 182 – September 5 – 5.2 miles* (in part 1) – Katahdin Stream Campground to Mount Katahdin Elevation change:  4199 feet We got up in the morning around the same time we always did, around 6, and began packing our gear for the final climb up Katahdin. Day packs were available at the ranger […]

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Day 181

Day 181 – September 4 – 21.1 miles – Rainbow Lake Camping Area to Katahdin Stream Campground Elevation Change:  4419 feet It rained all night last night.  I don’t mind the rain at night.  I find it soothing and it usually helps me fall asleep. Thankfully, it stopped around five in the morning so we […]

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Day 180

Day 180 – September 3 – 19.4 miles –  White House Landing to Rainbow Lake Camping Area Elevation Change: 4327 feet Our day started off with a homemade breakfast.  Sunflower seeds with a Blue Jay on the side, just like grandma used to make! Ok, not really.  It was scrambled eggs, bacon, an English muffin, […]

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Day 179

Day 179 – September 2 – 6.1 miles – Antlers Campsite to White House Landing Elevation Change:  1132 feet Around 2 AM a weather front made its way through the mountains of Maine.  Wind crept over mountains and through valleys.  Caressing the trees gently as it passed by.   When it got to the flat section […]

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Day 178

Day 178 – September 1 – 16 miles – East Branch Lean-to to Antlers Campsite Elevation Change: 3569 feet It was colder today than it was yesterday.  The weather reports called for highs to be between 48 and 53.  It was the first day, in a very long time, where I wore my thermal under-layer […]

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