Day 15

Day 15 – March 22 – 10.3 miles – Wayah Bald to Wesser Bald The storm the previous night was pretty intense.  Heavy rain and high winds.  It was kinda cool to be able to determine the wind currents by following the howling of the trees though. My hammock got rocked hard by the wind […]

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Day 14

Day 14 – March 21 – 14.8 miles – Rock gap to Wayah Bald Shelter Zen gave us a ride back to Rock Gap in the morning.  Our destination for the day was the Wayah Bald shelter 14.8 miles away.  Our longest day yet. Throughout the day we had several climbs and hiked with two […]

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Day 13

Day 13 – March 20 2017 – 0 miles – Franklin NC Gooder Grove Adventure hostel was a hostel that was converted from a private home. The owners name was Zen and he was a interesting guy. Before running the hostel he was involved with his families printing business. He did a lot of trail […]

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Day 12

Day 12 – March 19 2017 – 12.1 miles- Carter Gap to Rock gap In the morning we were greeted with the sun and the temperature was a lot warmer than it had been. It looked like a great day to go for a hike. The climb up Albert Mountain was gradual then pretty steep. […]

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Day 11

Day 11 – March 18 2017 – 12.5 Miles – Muskrat Shelter to Carter Shelter In the morning I woke to the sound of rain hitting my rain tarp. It was coming down pretty hard and I had no inclination to get out of my sleeping bag. I didnt hear any movement coming from Stoats […]

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Day 10

Day 10 – March 17 2017 – 11.8 Miles – Top O Georgia Hostel to Muskrat Shelter In the morning all the hikers were treated to all you can eat cereal and coffee and a ” Top Ten Tips” speech given by Sir Packs Alot.  The ten tips were good and he also gave a […]

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Day 9

Day 9 – March 16 2017 – 8 Miles – Near Dicks Creek Gap to Top O Georgia Hostel I slept fitfully, but considering it was a least ten degrees below the temperature rating of my sleeping bag, it was OK. Stoat had experienced the same thing. Over breakfast we decided to make the Top […]

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