Day 161

Day 161 – August 15 – 4.5 miles – Frye Notch to Andover ME Elevation Change: 2651 feet It was a quick 4.5 mile hike to the road in the morning. Where we had arranged to be picked up by the Pine Ellis hostel. The driver picked us up on time and brought us to […]

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Day 160

Day 160 – August 14  – 12.8 miles  –  Bull Branch to Frye Notch Elevation Change:  10299 feet We climbed up the famed Mahoocuc Arm, first thing in the morning.  Gaining 1800 feet in 1.5 miles, it was known as a steep and rugged part of the trail.  It consisted of steep rocky sections, and […]

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Day 159

Day 159 – August 13  – 12.3 miles  – Gentian Pond to Stealth spot near Bull Brush Campsite Elevation Change: 8619 feet The day started out with a climb up Mt. Success.  It was windy and a fine mist coated every surface.  Within the first 3 miles, everyone had fallen several times. It seemed like […]

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Day 158

Day 158 – August 12  – 11.8 miles  –  Rt 2. (Gorham NH) to Gentian Pond Elevation Change: 6939 feet I didn’t sleep much last night.  Neither did Stoat or Zeus.  The beds were comfortable and the temperature was great for sleeping.  I, for one, just wasn’t tired.  Maybe it was because we only hiked […]

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Day 157

Day 157 – August 11  – 8.0 miles  –  Imp Campsite to Rt 2. (Gorham NH) Elevation Change: 4888 feet It was the second day in a row where we had a view right away.  From the spot where we had dinner the night before, we could see into the cloud filled valleys off in […]

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Day 156

Day 156 – August 10  – 11.1 miles  –  Wildcat Stealth Spot to Imp Campsite Elevation Change: 8802 feet After eating breakfast and packing up, I ventured back onto the trail to find Stoat.  Only a few minutes later, I found him hanging out on Ledge #3.  The view across the valley to the Presidential […]

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Day 155

Day 155 – August 9  – 9.8 miles  – Madison stealth spot to Wildcat Stealth Spot Elevation Change: 6998 feet Today began with a climb up Mt. Madison.  When we had seen it yesterday, it looked like a giant pile of rocks. It was only a 566 foot climb to the top and we got […]

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