Day 151

Day 151 – August 5  – 0 miles  – North Conway

Elevation Change: 0 feet

It was nice not to have anything on the schedule.  We did all our chores yesterday, so the entire day we could devote to relaxation.

Over the last several weeks we had developed the Hiker Shuffle.  On the trail, that meant  walking the stiffness out of your legs in the morning.  In town it still referred to stiff walking, but also added the way the body didn’t quite re-adjust to walking without a pack.

After “sleeping in” to sometime around 8, we ate breakfast, and then shuffled over to the mini golf place across the street.




After minigolf we hit the arcade.


After the arcade, we went back to the motel and relaxed for a while.

Stoat went over to the movie theater a mile or two away, while the rest of us were content to be lazy bums.

In the evening, the Tramily got an invite to hang out with Sky Goer and Hand Lens at the place they were staying.

We went over to visit and wound up hanging out at a picnic table nearby.  We had a few drinks, and they taught us how to play the dice game 10,000.  While we played, the conversation flowed easily.

We had a good time, and when we left, we departed as friends.

It was a great zero day.



Flashfire in her American farmer pose



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