Day 145

Day 145 – July 30 – 16.5 miles – North Jacob Brook Stealth Camp to Jeffers Brook Shelter

Elevation Change: 7950 feet

Today was the “easy” day in between two harder days.

The day started off with a 1000 foot climb up to the south peak of Cube mountain.  It was a perfect day for hiking, and the view from the top was gorgeous.


After taking in the view at Cube Mountain, we descended back down the the rolling hills of the lowlands.

It was interesting to see how quickly the forest changed from a pine forest to a deciduous forest on the way down.


Soon we came to a road crossing where we saw a moose.  Well, a sculpture of a moose at least.

Moose sculpture

Not long after we crossed the paved road, we came to a dirt road.  We were on the lookout for a trail legend that was supposed to be somewhere around there.  We crossed the road and almost gave up hope, but then we heard some voices and saw the famous sign.


We had found The Omelette Man.


The Omelette Man would make anyone an omelette with as many eggs in it as they would like.  The record was 24.

Conscious of what eggs and exercise can result in,  I only had 4 eggs.  Stoat had 6. Zeus and Flashfire had about the same.

Zeus made a video about the experience.

Flashfires Omelette

Carl , The Omelette Man, had been doing trail magic for several years.  After he had retired he came up with the idea and ran with it.

Every morning Carl would drive from his house, to where he had his kitchen in the woods set up.  He was usually there by 8 AM and generally stayed to about 4 or 5 in the evening. If he heard that hikers would be coming through later,  sometimes he would stay later.  Carl did this for several months every year during Thru hiker season.

When asked why he did it he simply said, ” I like the camaraderie in the hiker community and I like to hang out with hikers.”

The remaining 9 miles of the day were fairly uneventful.  We did have one view from Mt. Mist that was pretty cool.  From Mt. Mist we could see the shoulder of Mt. Moosilauke, a 4802 mountain that we would be going over tomorrow morning.


3.5 miles later we came to Jeffers Brook Shelter.  Stoat set up his hammock right next to a river while the rest of the Tramily set up camp near the Shelter.

An old bridge foundation near where Stoat set up his hammock

There were a lot of hikers staying in and around the shelter.  There were NOBO thru hikers, a few SOBO Thru hikers, and several section hikers.

We met a father and son team, Re-wire and Outlaw, who where out for a long section hike.  Re-wire, the father, had planned to start his Thru hike earlier in the year.  The unexpected death of his father had put his plans on hold.  Outlaw, Re-wires adult son,  had offered to do a long section hike with him at the appropriate time.

The Tramily hit it off with them and we had a nice conversation.

Before going to bed, I visited the privy.  It was one of the more interesting privies on the trail.


Tomorrow we climb the first, of many, mountain of The Whites.



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