Day 170

Day 170 – August 24  – 14 miles –   West Carry Lean-to to Caratunk ME Elevation Change:  2671 feet Its Stoats birthday!  When we first started the trail, we thought we would be done by now.  If we hadn’t been delayed two weeks in, we might have been.  But then we wouldn’t be out in […]

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Day 169

Day 169 – August 23  – 17.7  miles –  Horns Pond to West Carry Lean-to Elevation Change:  10,168 feet When we woke up, we saw that the mountain top that we saw last night was still in a cloud.  That was a big disappointment.  The Bigelow Mountains were supposed to have really nice views. That’s […]

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Day 168

Day 168 – August 22  – 12.4  miles – Crocker Cirque Campsite to Horns Pond Elevation Change:  8055 feet In the middle of the night wind came hurtling through the campsite.  It was powerful enough to move my hammock quite a bit, and wake me up.  It had been a long while since that happened. […]

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Day 167

Day 167 – August 21  – 14.2 miles-   Poplar Ridge to Crocker Cirque Campsite Elevation Change:   8409 feet The day began with a 1300 foot descent into the valley below.  From the valley we climbed 1700 feet to the top of Lone Mountain.  The theme of going up and down, with hardly any views, lasted […]

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Day 166

Day 166 – August 20  – 10.7 miles –  Rangeley to Poplar Ridge Elevation Change:   6630 feet In the morning, Zeus and Flashfire headed out first.  We didn’t take it personally.  They were up earlier, and hitch hiking worked out better for all of us when we split up anyway. So, that’s how Stoat and […]

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Day 165

Day 165 – August 19  –  Rangeley Elevation Change:   0 feet The Tramily headed over to Moosley Bagels for breakfast.  While we ate, we talked about the things we still had to do before we left town, and how tired we felt. We…decided to take a zero. It had been twelve days since we last […]

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Day 164

Day 164 – August 18  –  9.4 miles  –  Sabbath Day Pond to Rangeley ME Elevation Change:   3238 feet When I used the privy in the morning, I saw what may be my favorite sign on the trail. It was cold and rainy out.  With the promise of town less than 10 miles away, we […]

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