Day 177

Day 177 – August 31 – 16.4 miles – West Branch Pleasant River Campsite to East Branch Lean-to Elevation Change: 7654 feet The day started out with a good old fashion river crossing. It was the first time we had to take our shoes off to get across, and the water was surprisingly cold. It […]

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Day 176

Day 176 – August 30 – 15.2 miles –   Long Pond Lean-to to West Branch Pleasant River Campsite Elevation Change: 8330 feet It was around 40 degrees out when we woke up this morning.  Great sleeping weather.  Not so great getting-out-of-the-sleeping-bag weather.  As we were now north of the latitude of Ottawa Canada, and by […]

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Day 175

Day 175 – August 29 – 15.1 miles –  Monson ME to Long Pond Lean-to Elevation Change:  5958 feet The Tramily went over to eat at Pete’s Place, the breakfast place next door.  After filling our stomachs, we got our gear together and got ready to get back on the trail. Monson was a nice […]

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Day 174

Day 174 – August 28 – 0 miles –  Monson ME Elevation Change:  0 feet   So, we decided on a plan.  Here are the quick details: We will have our food dropped off to us about 60 miles into the 100 mile wilderness We reserved four bunks at the Whitehouse Landing Hostel We have […]

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Day 173

Day 173 – August 27 – 9 miles –   Horseshoe Canyon Lean-to to Monson ME Elevation Change:  2484 feet Not much happened on the way into town.   We crossed another easier than expected river crossing, and enjoyed an easy stroll through the woods. When we got to the trail head, we didn’t know where we […]

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Day 172

Day 172 – August 26  – 13 miles –  Bald Mountain Brook to Horseshoe Canyon Lean-to Elevation Change:  4252 feet We climbed to the top of Moxie Bald Mountain first thing in the morning. While not above treeline, it did have a large rocky area at the top.  We had great views on all directions.  […]

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Day 171

Day 171 – August 25  – 14.7 miles –  Caratunk ME to Bald Mountain Brook Lean-to Elevation Change:  5341 feet It was hard to leave the Sterling Inn in the morning.  The breakfast buffet was great, and sitting and drinking coffee felt really good.  Eventually,  we did manage to get back on the trail. There […]

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