Day 165

Day 165 – August 19  –  Rangeley

Elevation Change:   0 feet

The Tramily headed over to Moosley Bagels for breakfast.  While we ate, we talked about the things we still had to do before we left town, and how tired we felt.

We…decided to take a zero.

It had been twelve days since we last took a day off.  We had “only” hiked 124 miles, but over that 124 miles we went through 82,323 feet of elevation change.

( The ATC says that there is 454,500 feet of elevation change over the entire AT.  Several other sources, that are in the GPS business, make higher claims.  The elevation totals that I use are from the Guthooks App.  I’ve double checked the daily elevation gain totals against other guide books, and the data looks good…..  Flashfire would be yelling at me to “Stop being so Straps” right about now…..)

After walking to the supermarket to resupply, we spent the day relaxing at the motel.

Highlights of the day:

Zeus and Flashfire watch sea planes take off, while they were out on the lake.


Stoat and I took the kayaks over to a state park owned peninsula, and  got within 10 feet of a pair of loons. (not pictured)

We walked around town a little.



And Stoat made friends with some ducklings.


Stoat on the back porch of our motel room.

For dinner, we heated up some frozen pizzas in the kitchen.

All in all, a very nice day.

Tomorrow we will hike over the famously rugged Saddleback mountain range.

220.4 miles to go…




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