Day 161

Day 161 – August 15 – 4.5 miles – Frye Notch to Andover ME

Elevation Change: 2651 feet

It was a quick 4.5 mile hike to the road in the morning. Where we had arranged to be picked up by the Pine Ellis hostel.

The driver picked us up on time and brought us to the hostel.


We saw Ghost, OMG, Droptop, and Bearbait at the hostel, and hung out with them for a while.

The hostel was located in the town of Andover. Andover was a very small town but it had everything we needed. A dinner, and two general stores.




While we were at one of the general stores, Flashfire spotted a special gumball machine. There was a sign on the machine that said if we got a blue gumball we would winn a free slicew of pizza. Flashfire excitedly asked me if I had a quarter. I did, and she used it in the machine.

Blue gumball!

Flashfire shouted loudly and threw her hands up in the air. Punching the ceiling in the process.

The group of senior citizen locals sitting in the back of the store looked like they were going to collectivly keel over from the sudden burst of excitment.

Flashfire sheepishly apologized to the folks in the back, and went over to the sales counter to claim her prize.


She offered me some of the pizza, but I was content to take the gumball.

It Still Works!!

After we had resupplied, the hostel gave us a ride to thier off site cabins.

When we pulled up, the owner pointed out a convered bridge and mentioned that people swim in the river all the time.




Stoat was the only one to take a swim.

The cabin itself was kinda cool.




It even had a working kitchen.


The Tramily enjoying a meal.

After dinner, we broke out the board games. We played Snakes and Ladders and Parcheesi. We had a lot of laughs in the process. There was one point where everone was laughing so hard that it hurt.

I wish I remembered what it was about. It was probably one of those,” You had to be there”, kind of things. Those kind of things usualy are.


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