Day 143

Day 143 – July 28 – 10.9 miles –  Hanover New Hampshire to Moose Mountain Shelter

Elevation Change: 4389

In the morning, the Tramily took the Marriott shuttle over to the Walmart to resupply.  That was a first for the shuttle driver.

When we got dropped off in the parking lot, we noticed that there was a Dennys right next store.   All of us looked at each other.   The look said, ” Second Breakfast?”  We turned and made our way over to the Dennys.

While we were eating, another waiter came over and said that he saw us at the Mexican restaurant last night.  He worked at the Mexican place at night and at Dennys in the morning.  I don’t know how he got any sleep.

We talked to him for a few minutes and it seemed our conversation seemed to get a lot of other peoples attention.  It seemed that not too many Thru hikers came through this side of town.  Several  patrons wished us luck when we got up to leave.  What a way to start the day!

After resupplying at Walmart, we walked to the bus stop.  We were going to wait for the orange line bus, but we found out at the last minute that the green line bus, that was at the bus stop when we got there, was going to the same place.




The bus brought us back into Vermont and then crossed the same bridge that we crossed yesterday to get back into New Hampshire.  So I guess we crossed the VT / NH border crossing twice.

After getting out of the bus, I spotted a familiar face in a crowd of hikers nearby.  It was Momentum.  We hadn’t seen her since we went swimming with her in a river in Virginia.  We caught up with her for a few minutes and then it was time to go.

The trail went down a road for a little while and then turned left at the Dartmouth sports complex.

That millage is no longer accurate 


After passing the sports complex, the trail led back into the woods.  It was exciting to be back on the trail.  We were only a few days away from entering the White Mountains.

For the rest of the day, the trail went through what I would describe as a high wetland area.



Zeus sporting his awesome headband


At the end of the day we climbed 1300 feet to the top of Moose Mountain.   There was a nice view at the top, but sadly, we didn’t see any moose.

View from Moose Mountain


The Moose Mountain Shelter was only 0.8 miles farther.  When we got there, we called it a day.

Planning short days when we came out of a town was working well for us.  Not having to rush out of town was a really nice.

The weather reports say its going to be very nice out for the next several days.  Hopefully they are right, and we will be able to get some nice views in the Whites.

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