Day 137

Day 137 – July 22 – 2.7 miles – Minerva Shelter to Route 103 (Rutland)

We had a quick 2.7 mile hike in the morning.  Along the way we had a view of Rutland Airport,


Tramily at the Airport view

and we crossed a suspension bridge over a beautiful river.


When we got to the road, the Tramily paused to discuss our plan.  We needed to hitch a ride into town, but the probability of someone stopping for four hikers was low.  So we decided to split up.  Two would start walking down the road, then the next two would start their walk a minute or two later.

Just as we decided what to do, we were rudely interrupted.

We walked down the road, separated by a few minutes, and wound up meeting back up a half mile down the road at a deli anyway.  Unfortunately for our stomachs, the deli was still closed.

A car soon pulled over and offered Flashfire and Zeus a ride.  A few minutes later Stoat and I got picked up by a nice woman.

When we got inside the car, she said she was on her way to McDonald’s, and would drop us off there, if that was alright.  That was very alright.

Stoat and I ate second breakfast and then headed over to the hotel where we had a room reserved.  Zeus and Flashfire were staying at a place called the Yellow Deli across town.

The Yellow Deli , as a donation based operation, was the cheaper place to stay.  However, it also happened to be run by a cult.  From what we heard everyone who worked there was very nice, but Stoat and I were not interested in checking it out.  We tend to avoid cults when we can.

After checking into the hotel,  I made my way over to the local shoe store.  After 900 miles, it was time for a new pair.

Top: Brand new shoe.  Bottom: 954.9 mile shoe

It would have been easy enough to pick up the same model shoes, they had them in stock,  but I decided to try a new brand / model.  I was not happy with the traction I had been getting on wet rocks.  Considering we would be going through the White Mountains fairly soon, a place known for bad whether and rocks,  I figured  I try something with a little more grip.

Walking back to the hotel in my new shoes felt strange.  It was like driving someone else’s car.  Similar, but different.

We went to a local restaurant for dinner.  We met up with Zeus and Flashfire along the way.  They were wearing loner clothes from the yellow deli as their hiking clothes were in the wash.  Zeus’ outfit looked ok, but Flashfires was… different



While the four of us ate dinner, we found out that Flashfire liked to play video games.  When Flashfire found out that Stoat and I had one of her favorite, but uncommon, games, she shouted, “NO!” very loudly.  Then covered her mouth in embarrassment.  Everyone in the restaurant looked over at us in alarm.  We said everything was okay and everything went back to normal.  Then she said, “I must play it when I go to your house.”


After we complete the trail, the plan is for Flashfire to stay at our Moms house, before catching her flight back to Germany.  Moms house is only 20 minutes from Newark Airport, so it makes sense for Flashfire to stay there.

Flashfires flight leaves on September 11th, so we have to be back in NJ before then.  She didn’t realize the significance of that date until after she booked the flight.  When we asked how she felt about that, she said, ” Nothing bad will happen.  But if something does happen, and I die, its ok.  Because right now I’m having the time of my life.”


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