Day 133

Day 13- July 18 – 14.4 miles  –  Bennington VT to Kid Gore Shelter

When the Tramily got back on trail, we crossed a bridge and climbed 1000 feet back into the mountains of Vermont.

We planned a shorter day.  We had finally resigned ourselves to the fact that we never got out of town on time, so we might as well plan accordingly.


Several miles into the day we came to the Glastenbury Mt. fire tower.  I’ve always liked fire towers.  I  felt like I was stepping foot into a bygone era.


The views from the top, however, were timeless.





When we got down from the tower, we decided to have lunch in a cozy  little spot not too far away.


Four miles later we stopped at Kid Gore shelter for the night.

Around dinner time, Stoat and I sat with several hiker at a picnic table.  With us were Tenzing, Whistler (who was 74), and two women in their 20’s who were out for a few days on the trail.

One of the woman, Bridget, was in a folk band.  Whistlers ears perked up when she mentioned that.  Apparently Whistler was a big folk music fan and they began talking all about it.  When Bridget mentioned her favorite band, Whistler suddenly exclaimed, “Tha’ts my favorite band too!  High five!” They gave each other a hardy high five from across the table, and everyone laughed.  We laughed partly because of Whistlers enthusiasm, but mostly because it was a cute scene.   Where else but on the AT would a woman in her 20’s, high five a complete stranger in his 70’s, over having the same favorite band while eating dinner?

The view from the picnic table

Not long after eating dinner, I decided to call it a day.  My hammock was setup in a spot with a view.  I watched as the light faded and another great day on the AT came to a close.



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