Day 132

Day 132 – July 17 –  0 miles  –  Bennington VT

The insect bite on the back of Flashfires leg had gotten pretty bad.20170717_150101

It looked like it might be infected so she decided to have it looked at by a doctor.  That meant she would have to take a zero.  The rest felt we should zero as well.

In the morning, Stoat and I got breakfast at the Friendly’s around the block with Tenzing.  Although, as a very successful lawyer, he led a very different life than us, we had a lot in common.

After breakfast, Zeus went with Flashfire to the doctors, while the rest of us relaxed back at the hotel.


For lunch, Stoat and I ate at a local coffee place with Tenzing.  After which, Stoat and I checked out the town.  Tenzing was recovering from an injury and didn’t want to aggravate it, so he went back to the motel.


Flashfire eventually got back from the doctors.  The Doc’s didn’t know what it was exactly, but they gave her an antibiotic to get rid of the infection.

Near the end of the day a massive thunderstorm came through and lasted into the night.

Just before the storm

It was a good night to sleep inside.




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