Day 128

Day 128 – July 13 –  17.6 miles  –  Upper Goose Pond Cabin to Kay Wood Shelter

In the morning, Rob and Bonnie made pancakes and coffee for everyone.  Waking up the the smell of pancakes being made downstairs is one of the finer things in life.

photo by Flashfire


There was no charge to stay at the cabin, but there was a donation box.  Actually it was a donation pig, but that’s beside the point.  The Tramily made a small donation  before we hit the trail.

On our way out we took a few minutes to savoir the view.

photo by Flashfire
Straps (me) taking one last look

Not long after leaving the cabin we came to a highway overpass.


Every time we crossed one of those, Stoat was compelled to spread some positivity.


Right after the overpass we saw a sign a little ways away.  For some reason Stoat wanted to go over to it.  So we walked across the grass on the side on the interstate over to it.

Stoat said, “This sign looks like it should have a Vanna White character presenting it.


You know what?  I’m on it”


I pretty sure he got a few honks from the trucks passing by…

The rest of the day was flat and uneventful.  It was the, by far, the easiest day we had in a while.

While the terrain was easy, the high humidity took it toll.  By the end of the day I felt a lot more tired than I should have been.

Tomorrow we will be going through the Town of Dalton in the morning.  We’re looking forward to getting breakfast at one of the diners in town.

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