Day 64

Day 64 -May 10 2017 – 9.4 miles – Docs Knob to Narrows VA

The weather was hot and humid but it was better than the cold and rainy weather we had been experiencing .  We had planned a short day into the town of Narrows so we could resupply.  The more popular town of Pearisburg was nearby but we decided to check out Narrows because it was less spread out.

For most of the short day we were on a ridge line.  The better weather allowed us to see similar views to the ones we missed the day before.  Except with more power lines.



At one point we took turns having our pictures taken on a rock ledge.

73 5 10 17 dapper strap
Straps (me)

As we got closer to town Zeus called the hotel to see if they had rooms and a shuttle available.  The man on the other end of the line said they had rooms but was a little hesitant to offer a shuttle.  Zeus mentioned that there was only four of us.  Three men and a German woman.  When the guy heard the words,”German woman” his whole attitude changed.  “I’ll meet you at the trail head at so-and-so time.”, he said quickly.  Zeus relayed the info to us after he got off the phone.  We all looked at each other,  “This could get interesting.  Dangerous? Probably not.”, was what everyone seemed to be thinking.

Stoat and I stopped  at the Angels Rest lookout and we had a good view into town.  We were not sure which town we were looking at but it was a town just the same.


To get to town we had to descend down from the ridge line we were on.  The trail became muddy and the humidity increased.  Eventually we got to a field of tall grass with a road running through the middle of it.  This was our pickup point.  There was nothing else to do except stay there and wait.

A gray pickup arrived and a guy with a big white mustache got out of  to greet us.  His name was Allen and he was the owner of the hotel.  He struck me as familiar but I couldn’t tell why.  He told everyone to get in.  We gave a look to Flashfire to signal that she could sit in the front of the pickup while we sat in the back.  She shot us a look back, ” Are you crazy?!”  Stoat took the from seat while Flashfire, Zeus, and I sat in the bed of the truck.  Allen opened up the back window and offered us moonshine.  We took a rain check.

67 5 17 getting a ride to the hotel in the back of a pickup with Zeus
Zeus and Straps. Flashfire took the picture.

When we pulled up to the hotel we were surprised at how nice it looked from the outside.


Macarthur inn

The inside wasn’t too bad either.


As Allen was checking us in, I saw a cabinet fillet with trophies.  They were from various beard competitions.  That’s when it all clicked into place for me.  I had seen him on one of those cable TV shows about beard competitions.  When I asked him about it he confirmed my suspicions.  He told me a little about the show and about how he had won 26 straight  contests with the proceeds going to charity.

After resupplying and doing laundry we spent the rest of the day relaxing.  We ordered food from the pizza place and then we ordered from them again later in the day.  Walking, we decided,  was temporarily on hold.





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