Day 63

Day 63 -May 9 2017 – 15.7 miles – Dismal Falls to Docs Knob Shelter

There are days on the trail where almost nothing happens.  No views.  No stories.  Just forward progress through the simple beauty of nature.

I think my journal entry for the day sums the day up perfectly.

Journal Entry 5/9/2017 –

” Raining this morning turning into a cloudy / fine mist for the rest of the day. 


Hiked alone this morning and felt at home in the tall pine forest.


Hiking is what I do now and that’s ok.  Passed several views today but they were all clouded in.  I took it slower this morning and just looked around and appreciated the landscape I was in.


Met Towhee and her husband Jaybird (a triple crowner).  At one point I stopped on a clouded in ridge and listened.  There was no wind and I could hear my own heartbeat.  Pretty cool.”IMG_20170509_114514092.jpg







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