Day 17

Day 17 – March 24 2017- 0 miles –  Nantahala Outdoor Center (N.O.C.)

When I woke, I did not feel better.

Sometime in the late morning we slowly made our way over to the restaurant to get breakfast.   I had some coffee and a light breakfast.  I didn’t have much of an appetite.

After we ate we sat on a bench overlooking the river and watched people whitewater kayak.  I took some ibuprofen and waited to feel better.


I felt terrible.  Physically and mentally.  We had just met a good group of people and now we had to stop.  Not only that, I was holding Stoat back.  I had been hiking slower than him the whole time and now I had caused him to stop completly.  He didn’t complain, but I know he really wanted to keep moving.

We decided that if I didn’t feel better by the next day I would have to go to the doctor.

I shuffled back to the bunk room and went to bed.


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