Day 116

Day 116 – July 1 – 4.4 miles – Hemlock Springs Campsite to Graymoor Spiritual Life Center

When we got up in the morning we didn’t really have a plan for the day.  We figured we would decide what to do as we hiked north.

Zeus’ eyes were bothering him.  He would have to stop every so often to address his swollen and watery eyes.

A few miles into the day, we saw the roof of a building in the distance.

20170701_090613 - Copy

It was a Deli! There was no mention of the deli in the guide book so it was a complete surprise.

20170701_090723 - Copy

All us us ordered a massive breakfast.

Flashfires breakfast

We ate at the picnic tables outside and hung out for a while.  Some of the locals stopped by to chat with us while we ate.  After breakfast we sat around until we decided that we should order some lunch as well.

We eventually did get back on trail, at least for about a mile.  There was a Franciscan monastery that allowed Thru hikers to stay at a pavilion on their property.  We decided to go check it out.

When we got there, Zeus and Flashfire decided they were done for the day.  I was inclined to do the same.  Stoat wanted to keep hiking, so we came up with a plan.  He would hike six more miles to the next shelter and we would meet up tomorrow morning.

Besides wanting to hike more, I think Stoat needed some time to hike by himself.  After hiking together for almost four months I think he needed a little break.

Its was a good thing Stoat headed out when he did.  Not long after he left a group from a day camp showed up and started playing soccer in the adjacent field.


They played for a little while until a massive downpour made them seek shelter.  Our shelter to be exact.


We suddenly found ourselves in a packed shoulder to shoulder with hot and sweaty soccer players.  I’m pretty sure the humidity level exceeded 100 percent.

Eventually the rain stopped, the players left, and more Thru hikers began trickling in.


One of the hikers there was a woman who went by the name Dr. Stick.  She was hiking a large section of the AT.  From NY to somewhere in Massachusetts.  She hit it off with the Tramily members and we had a nice conversation.

A quiet moment

I set my hammock up in the shelter because: 1) I could.  2)  The lack of a rain tarp meant I would have max ventilation.


At the end of the day, we were treated to the sight of a rainbow.  The first one I had seen on the AT.


Zeus’ eyes were still bothering him.  Hopefully they would be better tomorrow.










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