Day 102

Day 102 – June 17 – 15.1 miles –  501 Shelter to Eagles Nest Shelter

There are days on the trail where not much happens.  Over the course of 2200 miles we were bound to have a few uneventful days.  We decided to hike only 15 miles today so that the next day we could hike 9 easy miles into town.  That way we could check in to a hotel, resupply, and relax a little before heading out the following day.

Highlights of an uneventful day:

  1. We had to say goodbye to Rocket and Hamilton.  It sucked to build report with them right before they left.  It would have been nice to get to know them sooner, but that’s the way of the trail.


2. We saw a turtle.



3.  Passed the 1200 mile marker.  Stoat and I did our High Five thing.IMG_20170617_121018871.jpg

4.  We passed a monument to the French and Indian War.


Just like yesterday, the trail would bring us from a rocky trail to a flat fire road.  Only to bring us back onto a rocky trail again a minute or two later.


By the end of the day everyone’s feet hurt.  The Tramily was very much looking forward to the short day into town tomorrow.


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