Day 97

Day 97 – June 12 -0 miles –  Mt. Holly Springs

In the morning Stoat and I headed over to a local breakfast spot.  Over breakfast we discussed what, if anything, we could do to help Zeus.  Both of us had checked our finances and we were a little surprised at what we found.  Both of us had spent more than we thought.  While we weren’t in danger of running out, we would have to be more cognizant of our spending from now on.  Other than helping out sporadically, we weren’t in a position to help Zeus get to Katahdin.

When we got back to the hotel we spoke with Zeus and Flashfire.  Flashfire was determined to keep the Tramily together.  She had made a few calculations and thought she would be able to help Zeus.  So, it looked like Zeus would be able to stay on trail and Flashfire got the biggest pair of Trail Angel wings available.

The temperature was in the 90’s, so for most of the day so we hung out on the back patio and relaxed.

Courtesy of Flashfire



At some point Stoat and I resupplied a a Dollar General and took a quick tour of the town.

Courtesy of Flashfire

It was a typical small town but the library looked really interesting.  It looked like a great place to cool off and spend the day reading a book.  Unfortunately it was closed when we walked by.

Courtesy of Flashfire

We hadn’t taken a zero in the last 250 miles and it felt great to have a day off.  Still, by the end of the day we were ready to get back into to the woods.

We went to bed a little early.  We had a big day coming up and we could use the rest.

Tomorrow the Tramily would be back on the AT.

























































































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