Day 94

Day 94 – June 9 – 5.7 miles – Waynesboro PA to Tumbling Run Shelters

When Stoat and I got up in the morning we were both moving a little slower than usual.  I mentioned something about taking a zero and Stoat quickly agreed.  I called the front deck to reserve the room for another night.  “I’m sorry”, said the women on the phone,” There is a wedding going on and all the rooms are booked.”  It looked like we were going for a hike after all.

After walking with our thumbs out for a few minutes we got a ride from an older couple who lived nearby.  Neither Stoat nor I had ever hitch hiked before the trip but now it had become just another part of life on the trail.

Zeus and Flashfire let us know they were doing a short day and planned to stop at a shelter only 5.7 miles from where we were going to start our day.  Once we got back on trail we made quick work of the easy terrain.

The Tumbling Run Shelter area was very nice.  There were two shelters , a pavilion area, and ample camping spots.


The shelters were label Snoring and Non – Snoring.  I thought that was a nice touch


We got there just a few minutes after Zeus and Flashfire.  It was a warmer day, so when we arrived at camp we took off our shirts to cool off.  Flashfire said we looked too skinny and white so we decided to have a contest.

276 whitest man on trail contest, preparing for hike naked day
Straps, Zeus, Stoat


I’m not sure who won, but anyone who saw us definitely lost.

A little while Rocket and Hamilton showed up with a guy named Dabadoo.

When Dabadoo hung his hammock from the pavilion rafters it made me wish I had though of that first.


Around the time we were eating dinner, two hikers of Korean decent came into camp.  They were brothers and it was their first day on the trail.  Kyu (Q) and his brother planned to hike together for a week or two.  After which the brother would stop and Kyu would continue to Maine.

Dabadoo may or may not have offered Kyu and his brother something to relax.  Several minuets later Kyu and his brother went to go sent up their tent.  I’m not sure if it was because of something they may or may not have accepted from Dabadoo but they were having a lot of trouble setting up their tent.

Zeus went over and respectfully offered some advice.  He did a good job.  The tent was successfully put up and the brothers didn’t seem embarrassed from the experience.  Offering advice to people on the trail can be a touchy subject.  No one wants to come off as a know it all and/or possible hurt someones ego.

We spent the rest of the day enjoying the company of our fellow hikers while we sat around a campfire.

(All pictures in this post were courtesy of Flashfire)










































































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