Day 80

Day 80 May 26 – 5 miles –  Paul Wolfe Shelter to US 250 ( Waynesboro VA )

Zeus and Flashfire decided to camp at the free campsite in town while Stoat and I decided to stay somewhere a little more comfortable. The Waynesboro Marriott.

We were not high roller hikers! Prior to our hike, Stoat traveled a lot for work and had accumulated a ton of hotel points.  He was nice enough to use them when we could on our hike.

When we got to the road that led into Waynesboro there was a list posted on a guardrail. The list consisted of the names of trail angels that offered rides into town.  We called someone called Miss Lady and she agreed to give us a ride into town.   After a little while she pulled up and we got in.   She asked us where we were headed and was a little surprised when we said the Marriott.

On the way into town she gave us a quick tour of what was available around town.  To a hiker that means a lot.  Getting a “lay of the land” without having to walk around was a special treat.

When Miss Lady dropped us off at the hotel she refused to take any payment and wished us luck.  She was a true Trail Angel.

When we got to our room there was only one bed.  I looked at Stoat.  “It was the only thing they had.  You can have the pullout couch”, he said.  “Oh good, just what I was hoping for. A pullout couch. “, I thought sarcastically.  But I wasn’t going to complain.  I was staying for free after all.

The rest of the day was spent running errands and eating town food.  We resupplied at Walmart, Stoat walked a few miles to the movie theater to see the new alien movie, we ate at Cracker Barrel and Wendy’s.

The best part about staying at the hotel was that there was a hot tub in the pool area.  Getting in a hot tub always feel good.  Getting in a hot tub after hiking over 800 miles feels really good.










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