Day 77

Day 77 May 23 – 20.7 miles – 800 mile marker to Seely – Woodworth Shelter

Stoat and I woke up early and packed up as quick as we could.  Thankfully it didn’t rain overnight, but it looked like it could rain any minute.


After five miles of undulating terrain we began a four mile, 2900 foot ascent of Bald knob (not actually bald).  It was still humid out but not nearly as hot as it was during the climb yesterday.

Near the top there was a section that had been on fire recently.  It was cool to see the new plants growing in.


At the top we had a nice view.  It would be the last one of the day.  Soon after leaving that spot the clouds rolled in.


The rest of our day look like this.


Later in the day it started to rain and the temperature started to drop.  By the time we got to the shelter it was raining fairly steadily.  Zeus and Flashfire were at the shelter so the Tramily was reunited once again.

Stoat and I ate dinner in the rain and called it a day.

eating in the rain

As I was writing in my journal I realized we had just hiked 20.7 miles, with over 4000 feet of elevation gain and 2000 feet of loss, in eight and a half hours (including breaks), without pushing the pace at all. We were still getting stronger.
















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