Day 75

Day 75 May 21 – 11.4 miles – Harrison Springs Campsite to Glasgow VA

In the morning a hiker stopped by the campsite.  He asked us if we had seen the tree that was hit by lightning.  We said that we hadn’t seen it but we had heard it happen.  The tree that he was talking about was on the other side of the trail across from the spring.  Less than a hundred feet away.  The idea that the lighting bolt could have easily hit the tree my hammock was hanging on was not lost on me.  I don’t know what happens to hammocker when that happens, but I didn’t want to find out.

Scarecrow had joined us at the campsite last night and the five of us made quick work of the 11.5 miles to Glasgow.  We descended from 3300 feet to an elevation of 680 feet above sea level.  It was the second time on trail that we were below 1000 feet.  The first time was only a few days before at the swimming hole.

At the end of the day we went over the longest foot traffic only bridge on the AT.


After the bridge there was a parking lot and it was there that we waited for a shuttle into Glasgow.  In the parking lot was a sign that noted the mileage to Springer and Katahdin.


The mileage was a little out dated but it was still cool to see.  I hadn’t though of Maine in a long time and the sign brought back the reality of what we were trying to do.

The Shuttle driver had to make two trips to bring the five of us into town.  Zeus and Flashfire took the first shuttle and Stoat, Scarecrow, and I took the second one.

When we got into town we were dropped of at the free town-provided pavilion.  The pavilion was basically a shelter that the local boy scouts had built to enable Thru Hikers to stay in town overnight.  It even had an outlet that we could use to charge our phones.

The Pavilion is the brown structure in the middle of the photo

Next to the shelter were several garbage dumpsters.  It may sound funny, but whenever a Thru hiker can get rid of there trash they will gladly do so.  There was no need to carry the extra weight.

Also near the shelter was a shower booth with hot water!  That was a nice surprise. Most free showers were of the cold variety.  As I could just hike in the rain if I wanted to have a cold shower I usually skipped those.  I did not skip the hot shower.

The shelter was mostly full so the five members of the Tramily set up their shelters nearby.

After eating lunch at the nearby Italian food place, and resupplying at the dollar general around the block, we went back to the shelter/ pavilion and hung out with the other hikers around a campfire.

One guy had some music playing on his phone.  A girl asked who the artist she was hearing was.  When the guy told her it was  Alanis Morissette the girl had a blank look on her face.  She asked when it came out and the guy said 1995.  The girl said, ” I wasn’t even born in 1995.”  I suddenly felt old.

Once it began to get dark it started to rain.  We decided to call in a night.


The Story of the Dinosaur


Outside the general store in Glasgow, there is a statue of what appears to be a brontosaurus.  Originally it was part of a Dinosaur park that was located in another town.  The park closed down and somehow the brontosaurus made its way over to the general store.

We were told that the dinosaur used to have a cowgirl riding it.  I  suspect the Dino park wasn’t scientifically accurate.  Anyway, one day the cowgirl was, naturally, stolen.  So now all that’s left is one lonely Dinosaur watching the traffic go by.

Every once and a while a thru hiker visits it and takes a picture with it, but for the most part it stands there alone.  It waits there patiently, hoping to one day be reunited with his one true love….  his larger than life, plaster covered, dino riding cowgirl.














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