Day 41

Day 41 -April 17 2017- 14.9 miles – Flint Mountain shelter to Low Gap Camping Spot

During breakfast Stoat told Wolfie about all the foods I don’t like.  Wolfie quizzed me on several foods.  All of which I said I didn’t like.  He said my name should be Flavor Hater.  I liked it.  If that had been suggested earlier in the trip I probably would have gone with it.

Wolfie was in the middle of cooking a big breakfast that I would have no patience to wait for when Stoat and I hit the trail.

A few miles in we came to our first cattle guard / fence crossing of the trail.  It may sound silly but it was kinda cool.  I had seen pictures of those things for years when reading articles associated with the trail.  It was a physical reminder that we really were hiking on the AT.  That the path didn’t just lead to the next camping spot or town.  It led to Maine.


Between breakfast and lunch we had a few nice mountain views and some longer field sections similar to the one the day before.


8.8 miles into the day we stopped at Hogback Ridge Shelter to eat lunch.  While we were eating Wolfie, Bisquick, and Brooklyn stopped in the do the same thing.  We wound up all leaving together and hiked together sporadically through out the day.

All five of us camped at the Low Gap campsite. The campsite was not large and it was easy to miss but we made it work.  The guidebook said there was a water source nearby but it took a while to find it.  There was a long boulder field next to the campsite that looked like it was the drainage way for the surrounding mountains.  We could hear the water running under the rocks but it took a while to find where it came out of the ground.

We cooked and ate in a common area which consisted of a few logs.  Everyone hung out a talked until it started to drizzle.  It was time to call it a night.




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