Hiker lingo

Hiker Lingo

NOBO – A hiker that starts in Georgia and hikes North Bound

SOBO – A hiker that starts in Maine and hikes South Bound

Flip Flopper – A hiker that hikes different parts of the trail in different directions

Section hiker – A hiker that hikes a smaller portion of the trail

LASH – Long A** Section Hiker – A hiker who hikes a long section of the trail.  Its a loose definition.  I would consider anyone who did 300 miles or more a LASH

Blaze – A 2″ x 6″  painted rectangle indicating a trail

White Blaze – A white 2″ x 6″  painted rectangle indicating you are on the Appalachian Trail

82 going up to Max Patch 4 19 17

( A white blaze on the AT )

Blue Blaze – A blue 2″ x 6″  painted rectangle indicating you are on a side trail

Yellow Blazing – Walking a road instead of hiking a sectionof the AT.   Or worse, getting a ride instead of hiking a section of the AT.     AKA – NOT HIKING THE AT

Aqua Blazing – Term used in the Shenandoah National Park.  Going down the Shenandoah river in a watercraft instead of hiking the AT.

Pink Blazing – Used to describe a hiker that changes their plans to pursue a love interest.

Slack Packing – Term used when a hiker drops off their pack with someone.  Hikes part of the trail with water and food only.  Then gets their pack back at the end if the day.

Purist – A hiker that wants to hike every foot of the trail NOBO.  They do not yellow blaze, aqua blaze, flip flop or slackpack.

Tramily – Trail + Family = Tramily.  A group of hikers that hike together

Trail Angel – Anyone who helps a Thru Hiker.  They could give you food, a ride, lodging, or all three

Trail Magic –  Items, usually food, provided by Trail Angels.

Dark Magic – A term my tramily came up with to describe a cooler that was left by Trail Angels that is now empty.  The cooler had been picked over by the hikers ahead of us.

Ramen Bomb – A meal that consists of ramen and mashed potatoes mixed together.

Stealth camp – Camping in an unofficial or illegal camping spot

*I’ll add to this list in the future*




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