Day 6

Day 6 – March 13 2017 – 12.9 Miles – Neel Gap to Poplar Stamp Gap

In the morning we had the option to eat a “breakfast” pizza. Being from the “Pizza Belt” area of the US, we initially thought it was a sacrilege act to even think of eating it. A pizza with sausage on it was fine but scrambled eggs too? Perish the thought!…. It was really good!


When we got back on trail our plan was to book it to Deep Gap Shelter before the forecasted rain started. Neapolitan didn’t think he could make it that far before the rain so we said our goodbyes and headed out.

The weather was a little warmer than it had been with temps in the high thirties. The warmth was welcome but it also meant that we could be hiking in rain instead of snow. Snow just kind of sheds off of you while rain could soak you to the bone. I would rather have snow.

A few ours into our hike we see Forrest again. He was hiking south again to meet up with some friends. He gave us some Jolley Rancher candies that really gave us an energy boost. That was the last time we saw that particular Forrest Spirit.

When we got to the Deep Gap shelter the whole area was packed with campers. We decided to refill our water and try our luck at the unmarked campsite less than two miles ahead.

After a while we saw a hiker sitting on a log looking at a map. We stopped to chat. His name was brian and he was looking for the campsite also and wasn’t sure if he accidentally past it. As we were talking we noticed a nice camping area off to our right. Turns out It was the campsite we were looking for. If we hadnt stopped to talk to Brian we would have blown right by it.

Stoat had quite a bit of trouble hanging his bear bag. Much to the enjoyment of Brian and I. Stoat did not find it funny at all.

We setup camp, ate quickly, and got into bed. I fell asleep to the light pitter patter of rain.



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